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    Reach common fitness goals with help losing weight, building strength and shaping your body.
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    Accelerate your results with specialized knowledge of common physical and nutritional challenges.
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    Achieve maximum results with top-level trainers skilled at accommodating your most unique fitness needs.
SmartStart Consultation
1 SESSION: Spend an hour with a trainer who designs a fitness plan to your needs.

Kickstart Plan
SmartStart gives you a customized workout plan.
SmartStart Tune Up Consultation
Don’t know a dumbbell from a kettlebell? Hit a wall with your workouts? SmartStart gives you a fitness program that’s right -- just for you. So each workout is smarter and more efficient. During your one-hour consultation, your personal trainer will:

• Discuss your goals, health, fitness level and exercise history
• Create a tailor-made fitness plan for you
• Conduct movement analysis to ensure proper exercise form
• Offer an interactive workout that will reignite your commitment
• Demonstrate the proper way to stretching techniques
KickStart Plan
4 SESSIONS: Explode out of any fitness rut with four inspiring workouts.

Kickstart Plan
Blast through sticking points with our KickStart Package.
KickStart 4 Session Package
When your workouts become ordinary, uninspired and even boring, add a shot of adrenaline. KickStart breathes new life into your fitness routine with 4 heart-pumping workouts that are different than anything you’re currently doing. As a result, you’ll jump-start your metabolism and reignite that motivation that brought you to Sport&Health in the first place. KickStart gives you:

• 3 personal training sessions including a SmartStart Consultation (4 hours total)
• A boost for revving up your training program
• More confidence for each workout
• More insight into the exercises that are right for your body
• The kind of knowledge that helps you foster healthy habits for life
Competitive Edge
12 SESSIONS: Have a specific goal in mind? This is where you can see real results.

Kickstart Plan
Have a goal in mind? Reach it with our Competitive Edge Package.
Competitive Edge 12 Session Package
When you have a specific goal in mind, like losing 10 pounds or competing in a 10k, and you know you can’t do it by yourself, sign up for the Competitive Edge Package. Here, you have more time with a personal trainer, which means more supervision under a skilled professional to truly see results. Competitive Edge gives you:

• 12 personal training sessions (12 hours total)
• Enough workout time with a trainer to notice real results
• A chance to lose that unwanted weight
• The benefit of gaining real strength and adding visible muscle to your frame
• The opportunity to train for a race
Transformation Package
24 SESSIONS: Overhaul your body or reach a specific goal with our most extensive program.

Kickstart Plan
The new you awaits with our Transformation Package.
Transformation 24 Session Package
Here’s where the “before” and “after” photos come to life. With the Transformation Package, you have enough sessions to overhaul your body. This is our most exhaustive training package available, and it’s designed to help you reach any physical goal you have in mind. Our Transformation Package gives you:

• 24 personal training sessions (24 hours total)
• Enough workout time with a trainer to re-engineer your body, recover from an injury and establish healthy habits for a lifetime
• A chance to lose 20-30 pounds or add several pounds of rock-hard muscle
• Plenty of guidance to train for a marathon or triathlon

Rates may vary. Nonmembers add an additional $15 per session. Not available for online enrollment.

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